Ursula Yoga Snow (Tereba)

  • Yin, Forrest Yoga, QiGong
  • Based in Morzine
  • English
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Ursula Yoga at Lake Montriond, French Alps

I’m more interested in helping you release what doesn’t serve, than bending you into a pretzel.

Ursula's Journey

Has been practising yoga for 20 years, Ursula's background includes over a thousand training hours in Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Yin & Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Myofascial release, Movement for Trauma, Trauma-sensitive & somatic bodywork, Psychotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy & Teen Yoga.

I bring an open and compassionate approach to my classes. I don’t believe in competition, or judgment - just curiosity, honesty and connection. Practising with integrity, honouring your body with both its strength as well as all its limitations, listening carefully to what it’s trying to communicate with you.

Yin & Release with Ursula

A gentle restorative practice, where we hold poses for a longer period of time in a passive mode without muscle tension.

Work is predominantly done in the fascia and connective tissues – joints, tendons and ligaments. Great for increasing flexibility and promoting stillness of the mind.

Yin Yoga class in Morzine with Ursula Tereba
Yin & Release Yoga post Snow in Morzine Studio
Yin & Release with Ursula Yoga Snow in Morzine
Yin Yoga in Morzine
Yin & Release post Ski & Snowboard Yoga Class with Ursula in Morzine

Forrest Yoga with Ursula

This method focuses on developing strength, with compassion and integrity, developed by Ana Forrest for over 35 years.

It works with the physical and emotional body and wakes up parts of us that have been asleep for a long time, rehabilitates shoulders, releases neck tension, reignites energy from toes to fingers.

You will be working on your core, learning arm balances and introduction to a handstand practice, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Ursula yoga teacher in Morzine Studio

QiGong with Ursula

Translated as “energy work” this ancient practice stemming from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system in which body, mind and spirit constantly influence each other.

The practice involves gentle stretching, breathwork, moving meditation and acupressure.
It helps removing stagnant energy and blockages, lifting mental fog, helping think clearly, make decisions and maintain our will.

The practice is accessible to all ages and bodies and is ideal to practise outside to foster a deeper connection with nature.

Retreats & Workshops with Ursula

Ursula has led and taught at transformative retreats & workshops around the Alps, sharing her knowledge throughout Sound Baths, Thai Yoga Massage, QiGong, Yoga and Silent Vipassana Meditation.

Inspired by nature, mountains and seasonal changes Ursula is passionate about foraging for medical plants, Ayurvedic cooking and creating health & beauty homemade products.

Work & Practice with Ursula:

  • Yin & Release, Forrest Yoga, QiGong
  • Meditation, Sound Healing, Thai Massage
  • Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Ursula Tereba Online:

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