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  • Morzine, French Alps
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Aisling Donnellan pilates teacher in Morzine

Meet Aisling - Pilates instructor and much more

Aisling is a multi-talented pilates teacher with a wealth of experience in the world of sports, health and fitness. Originally from Ireland, she is now living in the French Alps with her partner and little son.

Aisling's love for the majestic beauty of the Alps inspired her to make the permanent move to Morzine, where she discovered pilates and its incredible benefits for her work on the mountain, sports, and everyday life.

In addition to her passion for surfing in Portugal, she is also a full-time ski patroller for AST in Avoriaz during the winter season. Having seen many ski accidents in her work, Aisling understands the importance of the right recovery after injury and the need to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

Her qualifications include being a Sports Educator, Pilates, Barre, HIIT Instructor, Crossfit Level 1, and Health Sport (rehab) and Fitness Coaching.

With her expertise and passion, Aisling loves helping others discover the same benefits and connection to their bodies and the natural world.

Pilates with Aisling Donnellan in Morzine
Aisling Donnellan - rescue team of SERMA, Avoriaz
Aisling Donnellan - ski rescuer in SERMA, Avoriaz
Aisling Donnellan - surfing in Portugal

Pilates with Aisling in Morzine

Aisling's pilates classes are a unique and effective way to transform your body. Not yoga, not stretching, not dancing... What is it? No joke, pilates can completely change your body.

In harmony with the complex mechanics of the human body, pilates is a precise, scientifically studied discipline that allows you to lengthen and strengthen through a choreographed chain of movements.

Through dynamic but subtle movements, Aisling helps her clients build the foundations for a body that is intelligent, resilient, and adaptable.

With ten sessions, you can feel the difference, and in 20 sessions, you can see the difference. By 30 sessions, you can have a completely new body.

Aisling combines the disciplined classical repertoire with contemporary movement classes, making her classes fun, varied, and challenging.

She adapts the classes to meet the individual needs of her clients and focuses on the mind-body connection, helping her clients reconnect with their bodies and find their flow state.

Aisling Donnellan - pilates class at Lake Montriond
Pilates with Aisling Donnellan in Yoga Morzine Studio

Pilates and Fitness Retreats in Morzine

Aisling offers her expertise on fitness and wellness retreats, team building holidays, and other events in the Morzine area.

Whether indoors or outdoors, on a lake shore surrounded by the stunning mountain environment, at a client's accommodation or local yoga studio in Morzine, Aisling is adaptable and can cater to any environment.

Aisling's classes provide an opportunity to move, take inspiration, and nurture the body and mind while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the French Alps. Her presence at retreats or team building holidays is sure to enhance the overall experience, and participants will come away feeling refreshed, energised, and renewed.

Pilates retreat in Morzine with Aisling
Pilates retreat in the Alps with Aisling

Work with Aisling

  • Group and private Pilates sessions
  • Morzine area
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