It’s OK To Slow Down This Time of the Year – Practicing Yoga during Autumn

Polly | November 1st, 2019

As we transition from summer to autumn, many of us may feel a sense of fatigue and lack of motivation.

Luc Richard, a yoga and pilates teacher, explains that this is a natural response to the changing seasons, and should not be fought against. Instead, we should embrace the slower pace of fall and take time to connect with our bodies and surroundings.

Luc is the director of the Human Motion Center in Morges, near Geneva, Switzerland. He believes that during this time of transition, we should take a moment to slow down and connect with the new energy that is emerging. This can be done by taking walks in nature, practicing gentle yoga and Pilates, and indulging in activities that promote relaxation and harmony.

According to Luc, practicing yoga in the fall should be different from the dynamic and energetic practice of summer. Instead, it should focus on slower movements, more breath work, and gentle postures. This type of practice can help us to harmonize with the slower pace of the season and calm our inner selves.

It is important to remember that this feeling of fatigue and lack of motivation is natural and should not be fought against. Instead, we should take time to rest, reflect, and recharge during this season of transition. By doing so, we can emerge refreshed and ready for the colder months ahead.

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