The Power of Our Breath in Yoga

Polly | May 24th, 2019

The power of the breath is very important in yoga.

The mind has a tendency to drift towards the past or anticipate about the future.

And the power of the breath has an ability to bring you back to the present moment. Which is the only moment that really matters, because if not – we start to lose it, life infolding itself in front of us.

If you catch yourself not here in the “Now”, take a deep breath. You can take a nice deep inhale, smooth exhale, and keep following your breath. This will calm your mind, bringing you back into your body, and it can start to open up life itself.

It’s when we wonder about what could have been in the past, or when we’re worried about what could be in the future, this robs us from what’s going on right now. Instead that if we live in a “Now”, then basically life lives us instead of us living life. Which is a beautiful gift that the power of breath, the king of the practice of yoga, is given to us.

Yoga Teacher – Eddy Toyonaga

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