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Sally Anne Airey Mindfulness Teacher in the French Alps

We guide visionary leaders to master the art of leading from within to make a lasting impact on the world.

About Sally Anne Airey

Meet Sally Anne Airey, the founder of Skilful Leaders. She has devoted her entire career to the art and skill of leadership. With a background in the Royal Navy and international business, and a leadership coach, Sally Anne has a wealth of knowledge on how leadership truly works.

Her approach is centred on a "fearless compassion" mindset, coming from her challenging upbringing and experiences in the Navy. She specialises in emotionally intelligent leadership and has developed a holistic framework called Mindful Command® to help leaders align who they are with how they lead.

Sally Anne Airey Skilful Leaders - French Alps
Cascade du Rouget waterfall in Samoens, French Alps
Sally Anne Airey - Skilful Leaders

Team Offsite Retreats

Team offsite retreats are powerful 2-4 day getaways for teams of up to 12 people, designed to refocus, re-energise and reconnect in the serene beauty of the French Alps.

These retreats can be tailored to meet specific needs, whether team building and development, quiet time for strategic thinking, or expert input into organizational or culture change.

The luxury accommodations, stunning mountain views, and expertly focused mindfulness sessions will help you leave feeling grounded, present and ready to be your best.

Team building holiday weekend in the French Alps near Geneva
Team offsite retreat in the French Alps near Geneva
All included Retreat accommodation near Geneva, in the French Alps
Team building weekend holiday near Geneva
Retreat venue with swimming pool near Geneva
Team building holiday retreat near Geneva
Team building weekend retreat in the French Alps

One-to-One Time Out

One-to-One Timeout is an opportunity to escape the distractions of daily life and focus on self-discovery. Our 3-day retreats in the French Alps offer individuals or couples a chance to reflect on their current situation and create a plan for moving forward.

With the guidance of an experienced retreat leader and coach, you will have the chance to learn mindfulness techniques, spend time in nature, and relax in a comfortable alpine chalet.

With nutritious food and a peaceful atmosphere, you will leave feeling refreshed and re-energised, ready to take on whatever comes next.

Personal retreat time out in the mountains near Geneva
Personal retreat guided by Sally Anne Airey near Geneva
Personal retreat getaway near Geneva
Personal guided retreat time out in the French Alps near Geneva

One-on-One Online

One-to-One Online is a series of open and empowering 60-90 minute pre-agreed sessions that can be tailored to your specific needs (a few days to a few weeks apart).

Our expert coach will guide you through reflective exercises, gently challenge your assumptions, and help you uncover insights that will lead to a clearer path forward.

Whether you're looking to address critical challenges or seeking longer-term self-development, our approach is tailored to your context and goals.

Online Mindfulness Teacher and Leadership Coach Sally Anne Airey
Team building weekend holiday near Geneva in the French Alps

Leadership programme

The Evolving Leadership Programme is a 9-month executive program designed for leaders and influencers in any organisation, sector or field of work.

The program aims to help participants align their leadership style with their true selves through clarity, inner stability, confidence, sustained well-being, resilience and lifelong resources. The program includes two residential retreats in the French Alps, monthly group coaching sessions and individual one-on-one sessions with a personal coach.

The program is externally certified by the Chartered Management Institute and teaches the holistic leadership foundation, Mindful Command.

Leadership Retreat on Skilful Leaders Programme with Sally Anne Airey near Geneva
Team building accommodation for a retreat weekend near Geneva
Leadership coaching Retreat Programme near Geneva
QiGong retreat in the French Alps near Geneva
Leadership programme retreat in the mountains near Geneva with Sally Anne Airey
Leadership retreat programme in the French Alps with Sally Anne Airey

Why Skilful Leaders? Sally-Anne Tells The Story

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