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Hiking and Climbing Guide in Samoens, French Alps

Connect with nature and recharge through Shinrin Yoku and the Grounding method during a contemplative forest retreat.

About Agnieszka - the founder

Agnieszka, a Polish mountain guide and climbing instructor, has made the French Alps her home for the past 23 years.

With a passion for all forms of mountain sports, especially climbing, she leads hikes and snowshoeing trips while incorporating a holistic approach to life with yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

She is always excited to showcase the stunning beauty of the Giffre Valley to her guests. As a mother of three, Agnieszka brings expertise, experience, and compassion to every adventure.

Hiking guide in Samoens, French Alps
Snowshoeing Retreat near Geneva

Hiking along the Giffre river in Samoëns

The journey along the Giffre river begins at the Cirque du Fer à Cheval, where the river takes its source. This 20 km hike is suitable for individuals with a good fitness level and offers a captivating perspective on the river's character and the valley's life.

With no elevation gain, this hike is a tranquil yet enriching experience. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, a bivouac on one of the river's scenic beaches is possible. Experience the beauty and evolution of the Giffre valley on this unforgettable journey.

Samoens river hike in the Giffre Valley, French Alps

Climbing & Via Ferrata du Mont

Discover the breathtaking Giffre valley and embark on a transformative journey in the heart of the cliff overlooking the charming village of Sixt Fer à Cheval. This unique experience promises growth, wonder, and unforgettable moments.

Suitable for children as young as 10, the journey offers a new perspective and the chance to appreciate the valley in a fresh light. Explore its geology, fauna, and flora, and reach its peaks while immersing yourself in its beauty and deepening your relationship with Mother Nature.

Climbing & Via Ferrata du Mont in Samoens, French Alps

Snowshoeing Winter Walks

Embrace the serenity and beauty of the winter wilderness on a full-day snowshoeing adventure. Enjoy a picnic or meal in the mountains. The snow sparkles under the moonlight at night and torches provide a unique perspective.

For a relaxing experience, warm up with a hot drink around a fire. Technical and physical mountain peak snowshoeing is available for seasoned adventurers. Join in on a fun igloo-building experience or discover hidden life on a half-day snowshoeing trip.

Snowshoeing guide in Samoens
Snowshoeing & Igloo in Samoens, French Alps
Snowshoeing winter walks in Samoens, French Alps
Snowshoeing guide in Samoens

Earth Connection

Escape for a rejuvenating retreat to boost well-being and vitality through contact with nature. Immerse the forest and soak up its sweetness to reconnect with the living.

A simple and fun way to recharge with the Grounding method is through Shinrin Yoku, slow walking, and focusing on details.

Out here, enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the seasons, from winter snowshoeing to spring, summer, and autumn.

Mountain wellness retreat in the French Alps near Geneva

Immersive Hike & Trekking

Discover the Haut Giffre mountain through hiking, accessible by many paths. Explore its treasures - geology, fauna, and flora.

Go on a guided observation walk to see the rich and surprising universe. Climb the béaba, accessible to all without age limit, with initiation and improvement courses offered.

At Rocher des Tines, a climbing school, deepen your relationship with nature. Immerse in the wealth of the mountain ecosystem and reach its peaks to connect with its inhabitants.

Hiking Retreat in the French Alps

What is Snowshoeing? Useful Tips For Beginners

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