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Neil Game Mountain Guide for retreats in Morzine in the French Alps

About Neil: Mountain Guide in the French Alps

For the last 24 years Neil has dedicated his time to the mountains. Originally from London, Neil moved to Morzine with his wife and children where he became a fully qualified guide in many Alpine activities.

Amongst his many pursuits, Neil is an International Mountain Leader, Winter ML, Trail running guide, Mountain Instructor (Rock Climbing) and avid mountain biker.

Alongside his more vigorous vocations Neil is also passionate about the tranquillity and peacefulness of the Alps and enjoys leading yoga and meditation retreats in the practice of Forest Bathing – ‘Shinrin Yoku’.

Neil knows the Morzine, Les Gets, and Avoriaz area like the back of his hand and shares his wisdom and love for the French Alps with those looking to immerse themselves in the mountains.

Be it a work team-building trip or a yoga and wellness retreat, you will be in the safest and most knowledgeable hands with Neil as your guide.

Neil Game Hiking guide and leader in the French Alps in Summer
Neil Game leading forest bathing in Morzine in the French Alps

Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing in Summer and Winter

Neil is a practitioner of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) and helps groups experience the meditative practice all year round.

In Shinrin Yoku you leave behind the urgency of everyday life and connect with nature on a deeper level. Instead of hiking with hurried intention, you move at a slower pace allowing yourself to be totally surrounded by the serenity of nature.

As you tread gently through the trees you become in touch with your senses. You will feel the crisp air on your skin, listen to the mountain breeze, smell the sweetness of the pines and embrace the crunch of the forest under your feet.

This peaceful practice is beginner friendly and wonderful in every season, be it on snowshoes in the winter or in short sleeves in the summer. Each journey is concluded with fresh, herbal tea during a traditional Japanese ceremony.

Neil Game with a hiking and forest bathing group in the French Alps
Forest bathing meditation in nature
Wild spring flowers meditation

Half Day Snowshoe Adventure in Morzine (winter)

In the winter, snowshoeing is a brilliant and alternative way of enjoying the mountains at a slower pace.

By embarking upon a half day snowshoeing adventure with Neil you will be able to explore the slopes, take in the vistas and visit spectacular spots without moving at extreme speeds! Frozen lakes, forests and mountain summits are accessible to all ages and abilities with the added bonus of time to chat.

Neil’s expert knowledge of the area combined with the provision of all equipment and transport means you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the view. This all inclusivity also makes it the perfect activity to add to any retreat or work trip’s schedule.

Snowshoeing in Morzine and Les Gets
Snowshoeing in Les Gets in the French Alps

Guided Hiking in Morzine All Year Round

Neil offers personalised hiking trips and itineraries for small private groups, retreats and team building work trips, which are fully tailored to each individual's needs and abilities.

Being guided by someone who’s knowledge is as extensive as Neil’s is guaranteed to elevate your mountain experience and every season in the Alps offers its own magic.

Watch the flowers bloom as the air fills with vibrance and rejuvenation in Spring, embrace the energy and abundance of Summer, sense the calm and tranquillity that Autumn brings or experience the snowy wonders of winter.

Neil Game Mountain Hiking Guide out with a private group in Morzine in the French Alps
Neil Game - private mountain guide in Morzine and Les Gets in the French Alps

Work with Neil on your Getaway in the French Alps:

  • Personalised Mountain Hikes 
  • Mountain Itineraries for Groups and Retreats
  • Shinrin-Yoku Experience (Forest Bathing)
  • See the Alps in the Safest Hands

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