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Fresh - private chef for a retreat in Morzine

Fresh Catering Company: Plant-Based, Sustainable, and Community-Driven

The founder of Fresh company is Karina Celis, a Colombian-born entrepreneur based in Morzine, French Alps.

With her passion for food, sustainability, and community-building, Karina envisioned a platform to promote delicious, nutritious, and colorful plant-based food while supporting local talented chefs and suppliers.

She started Fresh as a plant-based take-away during the pandemic, and it quickly grew into a private catering service for retreats, chalets and small events.

Fresh also became a humanitarian non-profit organisation in aid of the children and single mothers of Santa Marta, Colombia.

Fresh - yoga retreat chef in Morzine
Karina Celis - Fresh community founder
Fresh - vegetarian retreat chefs in Morzine
Fresh - private chef in Morzine
Fresh community - private chef in Morzine and Les Gets

The Food: Delicious and Inclusive

The chefs specialise in creating vibrant and flavourful dishes that are designed to ignite the senses and bring people together.

The company's philosophy is based on using fresh, locally sourced produce to create dishes that promote a sense of wellbeing and connection with nature.

Whether you're looking for a vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, Asian, or traditional Alpine menu, Fresh's chefs can cater to any dietary requirements or preferences.

All the ingredients used by Fresh are seasonal and locally sourced, supporting the local suppliers and being kind to the environment as much as possible.

Fresh - Asian and Sushi menu in Morzine and Les Gets
Fresh - vegetarian private chef in Morzine and Les Gets
Fresh - seasonal vegetarian meals by chef in Morzine
Fresh - private retreat chef in Morzine
Fresh - yoga retreat menu
Fresh - vegan desserts and retreat menu

Catering and Meal Delivery Services for Retreats in the French Alps

Fresh Company provides a range of services catering to clients in the Morzine and Les Gets area of the French Alps.

In addition to private catering for retreats and chalets, the company also offers meal delivery and catering services for small events.

Fresh Company is experienced in collaborating with clients on retreats and team building events, and can work with them to plan a menu that suits the theme of their event.

The company is dedicated to providing delicious, fresh, high-quality food that meets the needs and preferences of their clients.

Fresh - catering in Morzine and Les Gets
Fresh - private chalet catering company
Fresh - private chef in Les Gets and Morzine
Fresh - Asian private chef in Les Gets and Morzine
Fresh - private chef and catering in Les Gets

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