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  • Based in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, All Dietary Requirements
  • Retreats and Small events in the Swiss & French Alps
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Nisrine El-Bouatmani - Ninou Food - vegan retreat chef in Geneva

Ninou Food, Cuisine of the World Brought to the Alps

Nisrine, better known as Ninou, is the force behind Ninou Food, a catering service and food lover’s dream born on Instagram during lockdown, based near Geneva, Switzerland.

Ninou was raised on lovingly made recipes served by her parents, sparking her culinary passion at a young age.

Fast forward to now, Ninou has combined her early love of food with her enthusiasm for sport and wellness. She has created a vibrant catering brand that celebrates fueling our bodies with delicious and nourishing vegetarian food from around the world.

Nisrine-Ninou Food-Vegetarian chef in Geneva
Nisrine - Vegetarian retreat chef Ninou Food

Vegetarian Food for the Mind, Body and Soul

As a self taught chef, Ninou’s gastro-ideology revolves around producing food that will nurture the body and satisfy the senses. Ninou designs all of her dishes with love, mainly creating tantalising vegetarian and vegan recipes that are inspired by cuisines from around the world.

Every meal Ninou prepares is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and she is an advocate of experiencing food in a tactile way; eat with your hands and enjoy!

Nino Food provides the perfect accompaniment to events and retreats where you are enriching your body and soul since that is exactly what her dishes aim to do.

Ninou Food - vegan burrito bowl soy fresh vegetables
Ninou Food- vegetarian avocado toast and eggs benedict
Ninou Food -light fondant chocolate strawberry cake
Ninou Food -sweet potato with cheese and walnuts
Ninou food-vegetarian banh mi with marinated tofu

Ninou Food Services: Private Cooking Classes and Vegetarian Catering for Alpine Events

Ninou is a well established chef with extensive experience in catering for private events and retreats.

This includes multiple retreats in Marrakech, yoga retreats in the French Alps and buffets for large events, including one for luxury magazine Sur La Terre. Ninou also holds her own Nino Food Brunch Day in Geneva and teaches private cooking classes for those who want to learn how to create their own culinary wonders.

Ninou Food now caters for events and retreats in the French and Swiss Alps, where she uses seasonal produce and adds traditional Alpine touches to her recipes.

Ninou food - catering an event with vegetarian food
ninou food- vegetarian cooking master class in geneva
Ninou food teaching vegetarian food workshop
Ninou food - vegetarian dishes from cooking workshop in Geneva
Ninou food - serving vegetarian cooking at an event

Work with Ninou Food

  • Cooking for Retreats, Groups and Small Events
  • Vegetarian & Vegan menu
  • Geneva, Swiss & French Alps

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