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Massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

Experience tailored and effective massage therapy with Martha Perry, a highly trained and fully insured therapist in Morzine

Martha Perry - Experienced Sports Massage Therapist in Morzine

Martha, a fully insured and highly trained Sports Massage Therapist, has been serving clients in Morzine since 2015.

With expertise in curing a wide range of sports injuries and imbalances, Martha's client base includes top-tier endurance athletes, World Cup Mountain Bikers, Olympic Freestyle Skiers, and Ironman athletes.

She offers tailored massage sessions that address individual needs, including Sports Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stones, and Classic Relaxation massage. She is driven by her passion for fitness, adventure, discovery, and health.

Martha Perry Massage Therapist in Morzine
Massage in Morzine by Martha Perry
Ski touring in Morzine, French Alps
Ski touring in the French Alps, Martha Perry
Trail running in the Alps in autumn

Relax and Unwind with Hot Stone Massage

The hot stones used are heated in water and take approximately 15 minutes to prepare. Applying these stones to the body offers relaxation and healing benefits.

With a background in Sports Massage, the therapist offers a firm touch to the massage, targeting key points of the body.

This massage is ideal for easing pain from old injuries and allows the body to release tension around the affected area, resulting in a rejuvenating experience.

hot stones massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

Relieve Muscle Tension with Deep Tissue Massage

A recovery massage ideal for those who love mountain biking, skiing, or leisurely walks!

It focuses on easing tension and knots caused by physical activity and stress, targeting muscle adhesions with various massage techniques.

Improved blood flow delivers fresh oxygen to muscles after activity. At the same time, the therapist's expertise in sports massage allows for targeting areas with a restricted range of motion by releasing surrounding muscles.

Deep tissue massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

Deep Relaxation with Classic Massage

Relax and restore balance with a classic Swedish massage that uses gentle techniques to promote stress release.

Perfect for those seeking a break from their daily routine, this massage can be enjoyed in the comfort of your chalet in Morzine, Les Gets, St Jean d'Aulps, and surrounding areas.

This massage targets muscle tension and improves blood flow, inducing deep relaxation. It's ideal for trail runners and desk workers, alleviating pain and pressure in specific areas and customising it to their preferred pressure.

Relaxing massage in Morzine by Martha Perry
Relaxing massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

Sports Massage Therapy for Athletes

UK sports massage techniques help correct body imbalances and restore a range of movement.

It targets issues caused by overuse, injury, weakness, and strenuous physical activity. Athletes in training, such as trail runners, benefit significantly from this massage.

However, it's also suitable for individuals leading an active lifestyle who experience physical strain. This tailored massage aims to identify the root cause of the issue and create a recovery plan to prevent future injuries.

Sport massage in Morzine by Martha Perry
Sport massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

Ease Pregnancy Discomfort in Morzine

During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant physical and mental stress, and pregnancy massage aims to alleviate these effects. It relieves body aches and tension.

As your baby's growth changes a woman’s posture, joint stress may arise, and fluid buildup can occur in the legs, ankles, and feet.

Pregnancy massage promotes drainage and reduces fluid retention, allowing enjoying Morzine's wonders even during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage in Morzine by Martha Perry

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  • Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones and more
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