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Naama Isreal practising sports massage in Chamonix in the French Alps

Naama’s Journey to Sports Massage Therapy in Chamonix

Based in Chamonix in the French Alps, Naama is a fully certified and highly praised physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience working with clients and athletes. Naama specialises in many different massage techniques including manual therapy, sports massage and deep tissue massage, which she trained in at Ben Gurion University in Israel.

Naama has a great passion for the outdoors, especially for mountain sports and wildlife, so when she found Chamonix Mont Blanc on her search for her dream mountain lifestyle she had to stay. Naama now feels blessed to have called it her home and offered her services here since 2018.

Besides her practice of sports massage Naama loves everything the mountains have to offer. She enjoys the changes of the seasons, the meeting of like minded people from around the world and the activities you can share with them, such as skiing in the winter and hiking in summer. Naama is also a professional photographer and what better place to capture nature in all its beauty than in the heart of the Alps.

Massage treatment in Chamonix in the French Alps by Naama
Deep tissue and sports massage by Naama Isreal in Chamonix

Massage Treatments in Chamonix: Sports, Deep Tissue, Relaxing Massage and more

Naama offers a wide range of massage therapy techniques, depending on what your body or lifestyle requires.

Sports massage is a deeper practice, perfect for those involved in physical activity such as skiing or mountain biking. It helps after injury, during periods of extended sporting activity or simply just to relax.
For those who prefer a gentler approach Naama offers traditional Swedish Massage as well as Relaxing Massage sessions. This style is also good for athletes but less intense and more meditative.

Finally, if you need help preparing your body for a big activity or competition, or for post-competition recovery, then Naama offers Professional Athletes Massage and Deep Tissue.

All of these treatments are perfect for those visiting Chamonix at any time of year. Whether you are into extreme sports or you are here for a relaxing, wellness getaway Naama can treat you in your hotel or chalet, your home in Chamonix or her cosy treatment room in the town centre.

Relaxing head and body massage in Chamonix in the Alps by Naama
Naama Isreal's cosy treatment room in Chamonix in the Alps
Full body massage by Naama Isreal in Chamonix

Work with Naama – Sports Massage Chamonix:

  • Book a massage treatment for yourself or your group holiday in Chamonix, French Alps
  • Sports Massage
  • Relaxing & Swedish Massage
  • Professional Athletes Massage & Deep Tissue

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