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Paulina Maliniak - Thai Massage therapist in the Swiss and French Alps

Find holistic wellness with Paulina Maliniak of Harmonic Being, a massage therapist with experience from around the world.

Paulina Meliniak - Harmonic Being: Massage and BodyWork Expert

Paulina is a highly experienced massage therapist, who takes great joy in helping others find their way to holistic wellness through various kinds of body work.

Not only a masseuse, Paulina has extensive training in different forms of yoga, having found strength in the practice after a serious accident.

She has an exceptional understanding of how the body works and her holistic intuition means she listens closely to her clients and treats their individual needs.

Paulina’s business, Harmonic Being, is centered around compassion, gentleness and the combination of energy and touch to help cure and prevent injury.

Paulina Maliniak of Harmonic Being is an experienced osteopath
Paulina Maliniak giving a relaxing head massage in Geneva
Paulina Maliniak from Harmonic Being offers therapeutic massage in Geneva
Yoga Thai Massage Retreat in the Swiss Alps

Release Tension and Energy with Thai Yoga and OsteoThai Massage

Having spent time in Thailand annually since 2011, Paulina has many years of experience in Thai massage. She incorporates the teachings of her Thai Masters into her practices, offering a combination of Thai massage with Osteopathy and trigger point therapy.

In traditional Thai style, Paulina uses her hands, thumbs, forearms and feet to open energy lines - allowing the release of stagnant energy. The depth of pressure that Paulina uses will always be adapted to her client’s preference.

Paulina also runs teacher training courses in Thai Massage in which she shares her skill and wisdom with future therapists.

Paulina Maliniak Thai Massage Therapist in Geneva
Thai Massage Teacher training in Geneva by Paulina Maliniak
Thai massage reflexology by Paulina Maliniak in Geneva
Thai Massage Therapist in the Swiss Alps

Experience Healing in Sound & Touch Sessions for Groups or Individuals

In Paulina’s sound and touch sessions she works with a fellow practitioner to create a truly immersive healing experience for one or multiple clients.

Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Koshi bells and shamanic drumming are all used to create harmonic frequencies that are absorbed by the body.

As well as the sound bath and guided meditation, Paulina gives a short massage treatment to each participant (including Thai Reflexology) to help hold and ground the body as it is nourished by the reverberations.

Sound bath massage by Paulina Maliniak in Geneva

Get in Touch with your Body with Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage

Paulina’s experience in different holistic practices from around the world includes knowledge of ancient Chinese Medicine.

Paulina offers Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage which is a detoxifying and energizing abdominal massage. According to ancient Chinese Medicine your belly is your powerhouse and this unique massage increases your awareness of the feelings you have stored within your body.

This massage allows you to understand your physical and emotional needs on a deeper level.

Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage in Geneva.

Deep and Rejuvenating Treatment: Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Another specialism Paulina offers is Chavutti Thirumal massage, in which deep pressure is applied to the whole body from the foot of the therapist.

This treatment consists of powerful and harmonious flowing movements made by the sole of the foot.

Chavutti Thirumal massage is particularly beneficial for dancers, martial art practitioners and athletes whose sport is demanding on the body. This massage is an excellent option for those on a wellness retreat that may include long hikes or other physically strenuous activities.

Chavutti Thirumal Massage Foot Pressure in Geneva.
Paulina Maliniak giving a chavutti thirumal massage
A chavutti thirumal massage from Paulina Maliniak

Bring Relaxation and Restoration to your Retreat in the Alps

Being a worldly and experienced practitioner, Paulina is regularly invited to hold workshops and offer treatments as a massage therapist at retreats in the French and Swiss Alps.

Given her wide range of knowledge and education Paulina can offer classic deep tissue massage, relaxing massages with essential oils, Thai massage sessions in small groups as well as sound bath sessions with restorative yoga postures.

As a highly regarded professional, Paulina is the perfect therapist to add a restorative touch to a wellness retreat or work trip’s programme.

Massage and yoga retreat outside in the Swiss Alps
Yoga Thai Massage Retreat in the Swiss Alps
Thai massage training course in Switzerland
relaxation massage by Paulina Maliniak in Geneva
training course for thai massage therapists in switzerland
Paulina Maliniak Massage therapist in Geneva with a client

Thai Yoga Massage with Paulina

Work with Paulina – Harmonic Being:

  • Book Paulina to provide massage treatments or workshops for your wellness retreat or team building holiday near Geneva in the Swiss and French Alps.
  • Sign up for massage & yoga workshops or retreats hosted by Paulina.
  • Enroll in Paulina’s Thai Massage Therapist course and learn from her years of experience.

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