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Romana Maria Schwaiger practicing yoga in the East Alps

Romana’s Yoga Journey into the Mountains

As she was an avid runner Romana began practicing yoga in order to improve her strength and fitness. Having started as a flat runner, her passion gradually shifted as she began running the mountain trails. After making this change Romana discovered her love for mountain sports and the joy she found in being outside in nature.

Since yoga goes hand in hand with endurance training, mountaineering and being outdoors, Romana’s interest in the practice grew and that led her to attend 200 hours of yoga teacher training in India.

Although it was never Romana’s intent to teach, but to gain knowledge instead, once home in Austria her friends begged her to help them understand how to practice yoga. Romana began teaching classes to family and friends until she eventually decided to combine her two passions and offer hiking and yoga retreats in the Alps.

Practice Hatha and Forrest Yoga with Romana in Styria

When teaching Romana likes to mix different styles of yoga. She mainly focuses on Hatha and Forrest Yoga, which she sometimes combines with fluid movements of Vinyasa Flow.

In her classes Romana concentrates on developing strength and teaches yoga with compassion and integrity. In particular, Romana pays a lot of attention to her students’ physical alignment and encourages working with intention during each session.

Her classes are suitable for all abilities from beginner to advanced, which means Romana can curate a fantastic programme for anyone looking to enrol in a yoga and hiking retreat.

Summertime Yoga & Hiking Retreats in Styria, East Alps, Austria

Romana offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life on her summertime yoga and hiking retreats, held in Styria in the East Alps of Austria.

You will stay in comfortable accommodation, eat nourishing food, see stunning sunsets and experience relaxation and rejuvenation on a new level from the refreshing rainfall and dips in crystal-clear water.

Embrace the majesty of nature and open up your senses to the sounds of trickling mountain streams and the smells of flowers and forests. Practice mindfulness as you exercise, hiking through the alps, then recenter yourself and bring awareness to your body in daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Ramona’s mountain retreats in the summer give you the perfect opportunity to reset your mind, clear your thoughts, energise your body and finally come back home to you.

Yoga and Hiking Retreat with Romana

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