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Yoga retreat teacher in Zurich, Switzerland

Break free for a rejuvenating experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps with transformative yoga retreats led by Elena Mironov

About Sparkling Yoga Retreats

Hand-picked, curated yoga retreat locations are personally visited by the founder, Elena. The focus on luxury, warmth, and authenticity creates a "home away from home" atmosphere.

During the retreat, deepen your yoga and meditation practice and disconnect from daily life for growth and restoration.

Enjoy the solo time and connect with others for a transformative experience. This experience brings 70 percent of guests to revisit.

Winter vinyasa yoga retreat in the Swiss Alps
Yin yoga retreat in Europe
Yoga and hiking retreat near Zurich, Switzerland
Yoga retreat in the Swiss mountains

Meet Elena Mironov: Yoga Expert

Elena is a Zürich-based yoga and meditation teacher, author, and composer with 20 years of regular practice.

With 14 years of teaching experience on 5 continents and 80 retreats led globally, Elena has a strong reputation with positive reviews from leading yoga publications.

Elena specialises in elemental vinyasa flow, alignment-based hatha, yoga nidra meditation, self-myofascial release techniques, pranayama/breath work, and yin yoga.

Elena Mironov yoga teacher in Zurich
Fascia release yoga in Zurich
Fascia yoga retreat in Zurich
Vinyasa yoga teacher in Zurich, Switzerland
Elena Sparkling yoga retreat in Switzerland

Experience Serenity: Yoga Retreat with Elena

'Move' yoga retreats focus on foundation yoga and breath-initiated movement. It's perfect for beginners and experienced yogis, offering a blend of vinyasa flow and hatha yoga to explore strength, flexibility, and balance.

'Relax' retreats focus on restorative and yin yoga, plus guided yoga nidra meditation for rest and self-care.

For experienced yogis, the 'Be Inspired' retreat offers in-depth yoga and meditation exploration and may include advanced practices or teacher training.

The 'Indulge' retreat combines yoga, meditation, rest, and luxury services.

Mountain yoga retreats near Zurich, Switzerland
Hiking & meditation holiday in the Swiss Alps
Meditation holiday in the Swiss Alps
Yoga Nidra teacher training in Switzerland
Yin yoga retreat in autumn the Swiss Alps
All inclusive retreat holiday in the Swiss Alps
Summer yoga & hiking retreat in the Swiss Alps

Transform with Elena's Meditation Practice

Yoga nidra meditation practice aims to guide the body and mind into a peaceful state for restorative sleep.

The practice helps to leave behind the day's worries and focus on the present moment, which leads to less disturbance from thoughts and worries as they fade into the background.

The meditation encourages focusing on surrounding sounds and acknowledging the body's natural ability to care for itself.

Yoga nidra meditation with Elena Mironov

Escape to Alpine Yoga Bliss

While seeking respite from the chaos of daily life, Elena stumbled upon a unique and peaceful hideaway in the Bernese highlands in Switzerland.

The drive to the mountain village was breathtaking, with the colours of the mountains and sky shifting around twilight. Upon arrival, Elena discovered the true gems of the place - a secluded hideaway and a stunning glacier lake.

A plunge into the icy water refreshed her nordic soul, and she decided to create a Retreat holiday to share this magical location with others.

Sparkling yoga retreat in Switzerland with Elena Mironov
Summer yoga retreat in the Swiss Alps
Vinyasa yoga retreat in the Swiss Alps

Sleep Meditation with Elena

Work & Practice with Elena:

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
  • Yoga Retreats in the Swiss Alps

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