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Emily’s Yoga Journey

Originally from the UK, Emily is a passionate Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher who has trained, travelled and taught all over the world.

Qualified in Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC), Emily has over 500 hours of yoga and massage training and she is currently furthering her education by studying Kinesiology at the College of the Rockies in Canada.

It was Emily’s love of the mountains and the outdoors which led her to Canada, having spent four years in the French Alps. Her connection to the area remains strong as she returns every year to lead retreats here and she also offers live, online weekly classes that can be joined from anywhere!

Emily’s style of teaching reflects her own personal practice and the experiences she’s had with different teachers over the years. She encourages her students to explore poses and find what feels right for them and their bodies in order to reap all of the benefits yoga has to offer.

Emily Ruth Yoga teacher
Yoga & Hiking Retreat with Emily Ruth in Morzine
Yoga & Hiking Retreat with Emily Ruth
Emily Ruth Yoga - Retreat in Morzine, French Alps
Yoga Retreat with Emily Ruth at The Farmhouse in Morzine

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Emily

The Vinyasa Flow classes Emily holds online vary from week to week. They include a number of different poses which are achieved through intuitive transitions as she encourages her students to listen to their bodies.

By moving with the flow of your own breath you will find tranquillity and peace as your mind becomes totally in tune with the movements of your body. This is an excellent meditative practice which also benefits the body physically.

Vinyasa Flow is the perfect practice to enjoy whilst on one of Emily’s yoga retreats in the Alps or via her online classes.

Yoga class with Emily Ruth in Morzine studio
Yoga class with Emily Ruth in Morzine studio
Yoga class with Emily Ruth in Morzine studio

Restorative Yin Yoga Online Classes

Emily also holds Restorative Yin yoga classes live online. This is a fantastic option for a post-workout session and is suitable for all experience levels.

Yin is a gentler practice where students will hold poses for longer periods of time whilst being supported by yoga props so as not to cause muscle tension.

This style of yoga is an excellent way to stretch your muscles, increase flexibility, help eliminate pain and aid full-body relaxation. Although it is a passive practice, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. You may find it quite a challenge but it is so worth it!

Yoga class with Emily Ruth in Morzine studio
yoga retreat with Emily Ruth in the French Alps
Yoga class with Emily Ruth in Morzine studio

Mountain Retreats: Yoga and Hiking in the Alps

Emily’s deep love for the mountains brings her back to Morzine and Montriond in the French Alps every year, where she leads her wonderful multi-day yoga and hiking retreats.

On Emily’s hiking retreats you will get to immerse yourself in the incredible landscape, practise mindfulness and find joy in overcoming the challenges of the hike. Yoga, meditation and breathwork will be integrated into the daily schedule in between hiking and you will experience authentic savoyard cuisine as you stay in traditional and simplistic refuges.

Emily also offers a more luxurious and gentler yoga retreat in a beautiful secret location. With local trails to explore and mountain lakes to swim in you will get the best of both worlds as you return to a boutique accommodation. Here you will indulge in the in-house spa, delicious meals and restorative yoga sessions led by Emily.

Emily’s retreats run in the summer which means you get to experience all the wonders that the Alps have to offer in the sun.

Yoga class with Emily Ruth at Lake Montriond
Emily Ruth Yoga and Days Away hiking guide in the French Alps
Yoga with Emily Ruth
Yoga with Emily Ruth - retreat venue
Emily Ruth Yoga - Retreat Give-away
Yoga retreat in the French Alps with Emily Ruth

Guided Meditation by Emily Ruth

Join one of Emily’s Online Classes or Yoga Retreats:

  • Restorative Yin Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
  • Guided Multi-Day Hikes 
  • Luxury Getaways 
  • Live Online Classes 
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Student Oriented Practice

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