Audrey Cruz Mermy

Vinyasa, Meditation and Restorative yoga
Yoga in nature, Hiking, Yoga retreats
Reflexology, Thaï massage
Abondance, French Alps
English, French, Italian
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Audrey Cruz Mermy
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Audrey Cruz Mermy - yoga teacher in Abondance, French Alps

Audrey's Yoga Journey

Born in the Vallée d’Abondance in the Northern French Alps, Audrey Cruz Mermy is a yoga teacher who, after many years travelling, has returned and settled in Abondance to enjoy the magic that mountain living has to offer.

Having completed many hours of training, Audrey believes in adapting yoga to the individual. As a certified reflexologist, she takes care in modifying poses according to a student’s mobility in order to harness yoga’s healing rehabilitative benefits.

Audrey’s approach to yoga is one that encourages play and self discovery. She offers a safe space within her classes to allow people to get in touch with their physical body.

Audrey is driven by her fascination for the human body, she embraces every dimension of yoga and helps her students to engage with the practice's philosophy of mindfulness and Pranayama (breathwork).

Yoga teacher Audrey Cruz Mermy meditating on a retreat in the French Alps
Audrey Cruz Mermy performing Thai massage and reflexology in Abondance in the Alps
Audrey Cruz Mermy practising yoga in Abondance in the French Alps

Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Audrey’s practice is inspired by the healing that can be achieved when the mind and the body are connected. She believes yoga is a gift and teaches its techniques with reference to the science that supports it.

Audrey offers classes in many different styles of yoga and you will come away from each session feeling grounded, energised or both.

Whether it be the challenge of a sweaty Vinyasa Flow, a restorative and slow Hatha Flow or a session aided by guided relaxation and sound bath, you will leave feeling clarity and lightness as well as energy and strength.

Audrey Cruz Mermy ppracising yoga in the mountains of the French Alps

Embrace the Autumn Season on a Yoga Mountain Retreat

Audrey invites you to explore the French Alps on a yoga retreat or team building holiday. She suggests a wonderful time of year to do so - the Autumn, given the tranquillity and peace that descends upon the region as summer draws to a close.

Not only is the atmosphere calmer in the off season but the landscape is in a time of transition, creating the perfect natural parallel to the intention of transformative and restorative retreats.

Whilst any time of year in the Alps is the perfect time of year, Audrey’s retreats in the Autumn are made even more special by her personal knowledge and connection to the area.

Joining retreats led by locals allows you to connect with nature in the way they do and you’ll come away feeling like you know the Alps as if they were home.

A group together on a yoga retreat in the Samoens Valley in the summer
Sixt fer a Cheval in autumn
Meditation and yoga on a retreat in the mountains of Abondance in the French Alps
A yoga retreat with Audrey Cruz Mermy in Le Biot, Abondance in the French Alps

Work with Audrey on your retreats in the French Alps:

  • Yoga classes and Workshops
  • Thai Massage and Reflexology
  • Outdoor Yoga
  • Vinyasa, Meditation and Restorative yoga

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