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Yoga teacher Anais Ricco based in Samoens in the French Alps

Anaïs’ Yoga Journey and Philosophy

Anaïs was born and raised in the small mountain town of Samoens in the French Alps. She is still based there today where she offers weekly yoga sessions and yoga retreats throughout the year - in the warmer months she hosts these in her family's fully equipped and authentically renovated mountain barn.

Having initially followed the teachings of Mariza Smith in Chamonix, for Anaïs yoga offers us a way to cultivate self-confidence and grow self-understanding. It allows us to learn from and respect those around us as well as helping us to find the balance between freedom and responsibility.

Above all, Anaïs is always open to the evolution of her practice and continues to learn from Ashtanga teacher Pauline Pison and Yoga Nidra and yogic philosophy teacher Nicole Rupp.

yoga teacher Anais Ricco yoga pose in Samoens

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga for Individuals

Anaïs hold great value in ensuring that yoga is always for the benefit of the student. To make sure of this, Anaïs teaches simple, refined practice inspired by Ashtanga yoga. She focuses on breathwork and correct posture within poses to ensure they can be held with strength, stability and lightness.

By inviting her students to find a style of yoga which works best for them, Anaïs allows people to access a certain autonomy and reconnect with their own needs.

Anaïs looks at each student and assesses their individual requirements in order to determine the best way to work with each unique person. Anaïs sees this as the best way to keep yoga a healthy and sustainable exercise.

Anais Ricco practicing yoga in her yoga retreat studio in Samoens

Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths in Samoens

Anaïs trained under Padma Priya from whom she learnt the methods and principles of Yoga Nidra. Nidra is a style of yoga that can be used as an excellent technique to help reach deep relaxation and it is a great tool to aid rejuvenation in cases of severe fatigue, sleep disturbance and anxiety.

Anaïs teaches Yoga Nidra classes to individuals and groups, regularly meeting her students both in person and online. Often, in her Yoga Nidra sessions, Anaïs collaborates with Stéphanie Pichat, a sound therapist, who combines the healing tones and vibrations of different instruments into the practice.

Tibetan bowls being used for sound bath in a yoga nidra session in Samoens

Deepen Your Yoga Practice at Anaïs’ Mountain Retreats

Anaïs organises yoga retreats and workshops throughout the year, which she holds in her hometown of Samoëns in the stunning French Alps. Her classes are open to all levels of experience, and participants of these sessions and getaways can learn to discover yoga, deepen their practice and even start to explore wider aspects of yoga.

The alpine setting of the mountain retreats provides the perfect environment to learn about new parts of yoga such as pranayama, philosophy, songs, satsang whilst becoming in tune with nature.

Every year, Anaïs also offers Yoga Nidra sessions during the Rencontres Bien-Être festival in Samoëns, in order to introduce as many people as possible to this still lesser-known technique.

A group yoga session at a retreat in Samoens in the French Alps
Traditional mountain barn yoga studio in Samoens in the French Alps
A group together on a yoga retreat in the Samoens Valley in the summer

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