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Sup paddle yoga at Lake Montriond in Morzine, French Alps

Audrey's Journey behind Ambika Yoga

Born and raised in the French Alps, Audrey has been a Scout-Rescuer for many winter seasons in the ski resort of Morzine - Avoriaz. Growing up in the Alps, she was surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors from a young age.

Her curiosity led her to travel and explore different countries, and it was during a trip to India in 2011 that she first discovered yoga. After practicing daily and studying various yoga books and internships in India, Audrey encountered a setback when she suffered dislocations in her shoulder due to her job as a ski patrol worker. But with determination and the guidance of her fascia therapist, Audrey was able to heal without surgery and return to her yoga practice.

Inspired by her experience, Audrey pursued formal yoga teacher training, including a RYT 200h in Hatha Yoga at a Sivananda ashram and a RYT 300h multi-style Yoga training at Trimurti Yoga School in India. Since having her child, Audrey also completed training in prenatal and postnatal yoga with Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet and a restorative yoga training with AliaOm.

Yoga Retreat in the French Alps near Morzine
Postnatal class with Ambika Yoga in Morzine
Sup yoga with Ambika in Morzine
Ambika Yoga teacher in Morzine

Paddle Board Yoga on Sup at Lake Montriond

Join Audrey every summer for a unique experience of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga on the serene waters of Lake Montriond, surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Known as SUP yoga, this combination will help increase your physical and mental stamina while allowing you to be in harmony with nature.

Audrey's classes are adaptable to all levels and cater to those who have never practiced either yoga or paddle before. With her guidance, students can participate in the class without the fear of falling into the water.

This is a truly amazing and wonderful experience that combines the peacefulness of water with the mindfulness of yoga.

Sup yoga in Morzine
Paddle yoga and meditation in Morzine
Paddle board yoga with Ambika
Paddle yoga at Lake Montriond near Morzine
Paddle yoga at Lake Montriond

Prenatal Yoga for pregnancy in Morzine

Audrey offers both group and private classes for prenatal yoga, which can help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts like back pain, shortness of breath, and heavy legs.

Through various poses, we focus on stretching, opening the upper body, and making space for the baby while also becoming mindful of the perineum and its elasticity.

These classes also provide an opportunity for self-care and energy replenishment before the baby's arrival.

Prenatal yoga with Ambika in Morzine
Prenatal yoga in Morzine with Ambika
Pregnancy yoga in Morzine

Postnatal and Baby Yoga in Morzine

Audrey's postnatal yoga class is designed to provide support and community during a sensitive and potentially isolating time.

The Baby & Postnatal Yoga class is tailored to the pace of the babies, with amenities like a breastfeeding area, bottle warmer, and changing towel to ensure a comfortable experience.

The class includes exercises to help babies become more aware of their bodies, relax their bellies, and bond with their mothers.

For mothers, it incorporates gentle exercises to open the shoulders, close the pelvis, and strengthen the back and perineum. All exercises are performed with respect for the mother's body.

Postnatal and Baby yoga in Morzine
Postnatal yoga with babies in Morzine

Restorative Yoga in Morzine

Audrey's group restorative yoga class is a deeply relaxing experience that aims to promote rest and rejuvenation.

The class involves the use of props such as bolsters, straps, and blocks, which are adjusted to each student's body to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

The class is designed to be accessible to all levels, and Audrey provides individual attention to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of the practice.

This class is perfect for those seeking to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and enhance overall well-being.

Restorative and Postnatal Yoga in Morzine with Ambika

Hatha with Ambika Yoga in Morzine

Audrey's Hatha yoga class is a unique experience that combines classic yoga postures with both movement and stillness.

The class encourages introspection and self-awareness, helping you connect with your inner landscape.

Audrey prepares and tests each class in advance, so every session is different and tailored to the specific time and energy of the group.

With the understanding that everyone has different anatomy and injuries, Audrey encourages each person to work through poses at their own pace.

These classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of flexibility or physicality, as yoga is a practice that is suitable for all.

Paddle Yoga with Audrey at Lake Montriond

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